Your cyber security recruitment matchmakers

We build cyber security and defense teams with our unique approach to recruitment, partnering with companies at various stages of growth on a contingent, hybrid, or embedded basis.

Our cyber security recruitment function has been trusted by some of the world’s most recognized brands in the security domain to deliver great talent in candidate-led markets.

How we can help…

  • A high volume of failed internal cyber security recruitment campaigns
  • Difficulty in sourcing candidates with niche cyber security domain knowledge and skillsets
  • Inaccurate salary benchmarking leading to missed talent opportunities
  • Need assistance with articulating brand story and EVP to attract top talent
  • Desire to upskill internal talent acquisition on cyber security recruitment best practices
  • Need for a confident approach to strategic hires such as CISO or VP Information Security

Our areas of focus

We have in-house, qualified consultants who can provide additional services that enhance your hiring, retention and people performance.



A software development approach that integrates security into the entire DevOps process. It aims to ensure that security is an integral part of the development process, reducing the risk of security breaches in software applications.

Offensive Security


Offensive Security identifies computer system vulnerabilities by actively attempting to exploit them, using the same tools and techniques as attackers to improve defenses (also called pen testing).



Governance, Risk, and Compliance is a framework for managing governance, risk, and compliance, ensuring an organization operates transparently, sustainably, and compliantly while minimizing risks.

Security Architecture & Design

Security Architecture & Design is the process of creating a security framework, including policies, procedures, and technologies, to protect an organization’s assets and systems against threats and vulnerabilities.

Security Strategy & Programme Management

the process of developing and implementing a comprehensive security plan that aligns with an organization’s overall strategy and goals, ensuring effective security management.

Network Security


Network Security involves using hardware and software technologies and protocols to protect computer networks from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of service attacks.

Next level cyber security recruiting

We’ve worked with pre-seed start-ups, scaling companies & enterprise clients across multiple industry sectors, including government & defense (SC & DV cleared requirements) so you can be assured that we know exactly what we’re doing. From placing “1st dedicated security hires” to teams of penetration testers, we’ve seen everything that hiring in the security space can conjure.

Rather than waiting for the candidates to come to you, we take your vacancy to our decade old networks and market it in a proactive and targeted approach. Given we @ Edge 1 are all ex-internal recruiters, we know how annoying it can be to sift through dozens of irrelevant CV’s, so instead we like to send a handful of well informed and well screened candidates that have a very good chance of filling your open role.