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We know how daunting a job move can be & don’t get us started on the interview processes!

When looking for a role or being approached for a role the last thing you want is for your recruiter to “ghost” you during this vulnerable time. We are proud of our internal experience and it’s truly taught us the importance of long term agency/candidate relationships. We will always be at hand to answer your queries, always answer the phone to provide feedback and will never shy away from those awkward or difficult conversations.

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Career matchmakers!

82% of job seekers consider an employer brand before applying for a job and 69% of candidates just like you that may be in hiring funnels will share a negative candidate experience…which is exactly why we pride ourselves on maintaining an incredible level of positive candidate experience regardless of the role, sector or client we are matchmaking candidates with.

We have an outstanding track record of pairing best in class individuals to the most appropriate opportunities, whether that’s with a disruptive start-up or a multinational corporate.


We help you to identify career objectives and role requirements. Importantly, we also recognise the factors that motivate you, enabling you to achieve job satisfaction in the long and short term.


We will listen to where you want to be and provide the advice and opportunities to get you there.


We provide you with an honest appraisal of your CV, skills and interview technique, as well as a frank commentary on the market. We’ll support you throughout the placement process, with honest feedback on your applications and interviews.

How we work

EDGE 1 is completely free for job seekers to use.

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Ensure your CV and online presence is up to date so our team of recruiters can start matching you with your dream job!

EDGE 1 are your tech talent recruiters. Agency recruitment on a contingency bas

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We know what it is like to be ghosted…chat directly to your recruiters throughout the entire process.

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